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Tim Field's Obituary

Tim Field – The Gentle Man Who Battled The Bullies
(24.4.1952 – 15.1.2006)

Tim Field, pioneering world authority against bullying died on January 15, aged 53, following diagnosis of cancer late last year.

Tim was born on April 24, 1952 in Eastbourne. He graduated from Staffordshire University in 1975 with a First Class Honours degree in computing science, after which he spent nearly twenty years at the forefront of computing in programming and systems support and development. He specialised in designing and delivering training programmes for users with little or no knowledge of computing and became a regular speaker at user group conferences around the world, including UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia and USA. During this time, his life was irrevocably changed when he personally experienced workplace bullying in 1994.

After recovering from a stress breakdown, Tim became passionate about identifying, understanding and dealing with workplace bullying and became a self-taught and recognized authority. His dream was of a bully-free world.

Tim set up the innovative UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line in 1996, and then established the world’s most extensive and widely used information website, Success Unlimited (later ‘Bully Online’). He published the regular Bullyting Times electronic magazine that reached thousands of readers and formed his own publishing house where he published Bully in Sight in December 1996. Tens of thousands of copies have been sold in thirty countries and the title has become Amazon’s highest–selling book on the subject. In January 1998 Tim type-set and published David Kinchin's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Invisible Injury; with revised editions in September 2001 and October 2004. In January 2001 he co-authored and published (with Neil Marr) Bullycide: Death at Playtime, an exposé of child suicide caused by bullying. He also wrote countless articles and training programmes and regularly featured radio and TV.

Tim kept up an exhausting lecturing and conference schedule throughout the world, speaking about bullying to groups including educationalists, police, medics and prison officers. His clients included thousands of individuals from every walk of life as well as institutions such as the BBC, trade unions, local authorities and other public bodies. He worked personally on over 5,000 bullying cases. This casework highlighted the lack of support and understanding for the victims of workplace bullying displayed by many organisations. He revealed patterns in how Trade Unions often failed to give effective representation to their members.

Tim believed that bullying was the single most important social issue of today – costing industry billions a year in lost work hours and society an inestimable loss in ruined lives – and that intensive study could provided insight into the behaviours which underlie conflict and violence. His work inspired and influenced anti-bullying organizations all over the world, while his personal energy, commitment and knowledge restored sanity and saved lives. In recent weeks, many of those he helped and whose lives he touched have recorded their gratitude.

Tim was well-known for his aphorisms. These included: “the adult bully is often charming, verbally confident and can be adept at using language to make his or her actions seem plausible”; and “good leaders and managers include, motivate, trust and empower people; bad managers and bullies exclude, disempower, control and undermine.”

He was deeply committed to development of self-esteem and positive ways of living and acknowledged a spiritual quality in his own life that assisted him greatly in times of enormous stress and hard work, especially through his own illness. Always a gentle and unassuming man, it would have been impossible for his close family and friends to have predicted the change of career direction that became his vocation and resulted in his phenomenal contribution to this poorly acknowledged area of abuse.

Tim received two honorary doctorates for his contribution to society, and for his considerable effort on initiatives to stamp out bullying.

His selfless work for the well being of others will never be forgotten and will live on in the continuation of his websites, the Field Foundation, his published works and those individuals and groups he inspired.

Tim’s passion for life was infectious and his interests wide ranging. Most notably, he was an accomplished pianist, scholar and author. The fun-loving side of his character was expressed as a popular karaoke singer, science-fiction enthusiast and devout *Trekkie*, traveling to the USA last year for a Star Trek convention.

In the coming year, Tim had intended to focus his energies on writing and publishing his next book (on serial bullies and psychopaths) and complete a co-authored film script, ‘Pure Poison’.

In the last few weeks of his life, he was able to spend time with his family and friends. He said that his most profoundly happy experiences had been travelling the world with his wife Susan, after they met at university; and the birth of their two children, Michael (16) and Fiona (12). Tim died with his immediate family present. He leaves a sister Rosemary, a large extended family – and a body of achievement and work that will inspire generations to come.

Jennie & Phil Chesterton, Will Messenger, Keith Munday and Helen Reed, with material from David Hinton and Neil Marr

Tim Field's Obituary in The Guardian...

Tim Field
by Will Messenger, Saturday January 21, 2006, The Guardian

A victim of bullying, he became a world authority on the subject

Tim Field, who has died aged 53 from cancer, was a world authority on bullying and psychiatric injury, and author of the best-selling Bully in Sight (1997). His vision was for a bully-free world, and he campaigned in schools, further and higher education, and the workplace to achieve this.

In 1994, after nearly 20 years working in computing, he had himself been a victim of workplace bullying and suffered a breakdown. After recovering, he became passionate about understanding and dealing with the problem.

He set up the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line in 1996, and then an information website, Success Unlimited (later Bully Online), which was widely used. He formed a publishing house from which he released Bully in Sight. One review said: "Thank you for writing Bully in Sight. It's like a torch in the darkness." Tens of thousands of copies were sold in 30 countries. In 1998 Field published David Kinchin's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the Invisible Injury. Then, in 2001 he co-authored and published (with Neil Marr), Bullycide: Death at Playtime, an exposé of child suicide caused by bullying.

He lectured all over the world. His clients included individuals as well as institutions such as the BBC, trade unions, police forces and local authorities. He worked personally on more than 5,000 bullying cases, highlighting the lack of understanding for victims. He revealed patterns showing how trade unions often failed to deal effectively with the problem among their members.

Field believed that bullying was the single most important social issue of today, and that its study provided an opportunity to understand the behaviours which underlie almost all conflict and violence. His work inspired and influenced international anti-bullying organisations, while his personal energy, commitment and knowledge restored sanity and saved lives.

Born in Eastbourne, he graduated from Staffordshire University (then North Staffordshire Polytechnic) in 1975 with a first class honours degree in computer science. He specialised in designing and delivering training programmes before his own encounter with bullying. He received honorary doctorates for his initiatives to stamp out bullying.

Field's interests were wide ranging. He was an accomplished pianist, karaoke singer and science fiction enthusiast. He was also always keen to develop his knowledge of the spiritual aspects of life.

He married Susan, whom he had met at university. She survives him, with their two children, Michael, 16, and Fiona, 12.

Tim Field, anti-bullying campaigner, born April 24 1952; died January 15 2006

Original here:
Obituary for Tim Field - The Guardian,3604,1691574,00.html

New News in Regards to the Funeral...

This just in from Neil Marr:

I've just been sent this round robin note of funeral arrangements for Tim and his family's request for a charity donation rather than flowers. I thought you might like to see the message and to pass it on or use it as you think best.
Fondest wishes.

*****Please find attached the directions for Monday, for those attending Tim's funeral*****

The family will meet at the Chapel of Rest at approximately 2.45 to have a quiet moment of reflection and to allow the children a final chance to say goodbye.

The next section of the day will commence at 3.30pm at Burnley Crematorium, and all who knew Tim are welcome to attend. This is followed by an invitation to join Tim's family for a drink and some light refreshments at St Mary's Chambers in Rawtenstall (Michael & Fiona's home town).

Hopefully this will allow us all to share our own memories of Tim. It is also an opportunity for anyone who would like to say a few words about Tim, do so. All the family ask is, that no longer than 10 minutes are spent on speeches and that Susan, Michael & Fiona have some previous indication of any speakers.

It would also be greatly appreciated if anyone hoping to attend could let us know by Wednesday evening if possible, for catering purposes.

It is requested that flowers are from family only, but that donations to Rossendale Hospice, in memory of Tim would be gratefully received. We hope to raise £1000 for the hospice, as this will provide Hospice at Home Care for one patient. It will also allow us to have a Gold Leaf on the "Giving Tree" in Tim's name.

At a later date, Tim's remains will be planted under an English Oak Tree in the 'Life for a Life' Project, in a beautifully designated area overlooking the Rossendale Valley.

All the above details meet exactly with Tim's own requests - he even chose the music he would like played, in conjunction with his children Michael & Fiona.

Perhaps we could depend on you to forward on this on to anyone you feel would be interested?

Kindest Regards
Jean Smith (Susan Field's sister)

PS -
Funeral Director:
Fred Hamer Funeral Services,
James Street, Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancs
- for any donations, or for anyone wishing to visit Tim prior to the family arriving at the Crematorium.

Tim's Bio and Profile - His Life's Work

About Tim:

Tim Field graduated from Staffordshire University in 1975 with a First Class Honours degree in computing science, after which he spent nearly twenty years at the forefront of computing in programming and systems support and development. His technical expertise was complemented by a commitment to user support and customer service, and he specialised in designing and delivering training programmes for users with little or no knowledge of computing. He became a regular speaker at user group conferences around the world, including UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia and USA.

Drawing on the experience of being bullied out of his job as a Customer Services Manager in 1994, he founded the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line (first featured in the Independent on Sunday, 28/1/96) and web site Bully OnLine which have logged over 10,000 cases similar to his own (click here for latest Advice Line statistics). Book sales (11,000+) and web site visits account for thousands more cases.

First Class Honours Degree in Computing Science, North Staffordshire Polytechnic (now Staffordshire University), 1975
Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration, Mellen University, 1999, awarded "for making a contribution to society".
Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration, Southampton Institute (now Southampton Solent University) and conferred by Nottingham Trent University, 2000, awarded for "...considerable effort on initiatives to stamp out bullying in schools, further and higher education and the workplace".

Training and other activities:
Tim Field undertakes the following activities:
Under Success Unlimited
writing and publishing books on bullying and related topics
supplying his books Bully in sight, Bullycide: death at playtime and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to mail order customers, libraries and bookshops worldwide
non-executive director of HR & Diversity Management Ltd
Under The Field Foundation
webmaster of Bully OnLine, the world's leading Internet resource on bullying
moderating his Internet forum Bullyonline
speaking at meetings, conferences etc
providing information and giving interviews for radio, TV and print media, and putting journalists and researchers in touch with targets of bullying
publishing a free monthly enewsletter Bullying Times on bullying and related issues
patron of Birmingham-based Midlands anti-bullying support group DAWN
contributing to the understanding of school bullying, family bullying, psychiatric injury and Complex PTSD

Police Staff College, BramshillSussex PoliceBerkshire Fire and Rescue ServiceThe Post OfficeNational Audit OfficeMinistry of Defence (MoD)NIFAST Liberty Risk Services, Consultants and Trainers in Health & Safety, Dublin, IrelandBTDavid S Smith (Packaging)Oxfordshire County Council Education DepartmentEversheds solicitors, BirminghamCloisters, LondonCamden UnisonDumfries and Galloway UnisonFSSF (Financial Services Staff Federation)IUHS (Independent Union of Halifax Staff)NatWest Staff AssociationNASUWTHM Land RegistryCoventry UniversityUniversity of Central England, BirminghamQueen's University, BelfastAdlerian SocietyOxfamThe Biochemical SocietyCity of Wakefield Metropolitan District CouncilCounselling in Companies (Westminster Pastoral Foundation)DTISurrey County CouncilOxford UniversityTower Hamlets CollegeCentral London Occupational Health Nurses Group (CLOHNG)Brunel UniversitySurrey Fire BrigadeCamden Education AuthorityBBCPrison ServiceKing's College LondonWalbrook Housing AssociationOxford Employment Rights (OER)CIPD CumbriaBarnet Voluntary Service CouncilEnfield Voluntary ActionAUT Nottingham UniversityPfizer AdamsBristol Law SocietyUniversity of WolverhamptonBullyproof Ltd, DublinBullying at work - a faith perspective, Southwark Cathedral, organised by the South London Industrial Mission (SLIM)Care FirstPlayworks, NottinghamAmicus AEEUNUJ, ManchesterThurrock and Basildon College, BasildonBasildon Hospital District Mental Health Unit, BasildonBuckinghamshire Mental Health NHS Trust, AylesburyStress Management Master Class, RugbyOutlook South West, Saltash, CornwallASLEFHalton Primary Care Trust
...and others

Conferences and speaking engagements:
Tim Field speaks at many conferences, seminars and workshops including
Unions '95 Government for the future: trade union views, Congress House, London November 1995Industrial Society conference Bullying: unacceptable behaviour in the workplace, London, September 1995IBC Conference Strategies for avoiding bullying at work litigation, London, March 1997British Association of Social Workers Conference (BASW), Oxford, May 1997National Harassment Network Annual Conference, University of Central Lancashire, June 1997Bullying at Work conference, Staffordshire University, June 1997Office for Public Management training day Bully in the workplace, July 1997IPD Central Area Network Equality Works Conference Managing Diversity, Milton Keynes, September 1997International Harassment Network Conference Bullies in Uniform, Birmingham, October 1997IPD Conference Beating the Bullies, Dublin, January 1998Kingston Racial Equality Council, February 1998MSF conference Bullying at work: time to say stop, Belfast, February 1998International Harassment Network conference Bullying in further and higher education, Oxford, March 1998UK National Work-Stress Network Conference, Birmingham, March 1998Committee 'C' Welfare Officers Conference, Cheltenham, April 1998Social Sciences Research Group (SSRG) Conference Change in social and health care: researching it; managing it, and surviving it, UMIST, April 1998International Harassment Network Annual Conference, Oxford, May 1998Institute of Welfare Officers (IWO) Conference Emotional Abuse, Poole, May 1998IBC Conference Strategies for avoiding bullying at work litigation, London, May 1998MSF conference Bullying at work: time to say stop, Dublin, May 1998Freedom to Care meeting, London, June 1998MSF Bradford AGM, January 1999Guest lecture, Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), Section of Occupational Medicine, January 1999Conference, Tough Going: constructive approaches to bullying, harassment, and conflict in the workplace, joint organisers Conflict Management Plus and The Industrial Society, London, February 1999Dealing with Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Women's Society - Yorkshire, March 1999Dignity and Fairness at Work - The Key to Quality Employment, 21st annual national conference of the Institute of Welfare Officers (IWO), 22-23 April 1999Dealing with Workplace Harassment and Bullying, International Harassment Network Annual Conference, Preston, England, 12-13 May 1999Those who can, do. Those who can't, bully. First public seminar, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 25 September 1999IPD meeting at Boehringer Ingelheim, Bracknell, Autumn 1999I don't wanna fight, Health & Safety in the NHS Conference, Birmingham, 9 November 1999Workplace bullying: a threat to a secure base, International Attachment Network Saturday Workshop, London, 20 November 1999IPD meeting, Sussex, Autumn 1999Reliance Security Services Ltd seminars throughout 1999 and 2000IBC Conference Stress and bullying in the workplace: limiting your liability and counting the cost of stress, bullying and harassment claims, London, May 2000Crisis at work Conference, Leeds, May 2000Prison Officers' Association 61st Annual Conference, Portsmouth, May 2000Business Learning Conference Centre (BLCC) Conference Dignity at Work, Dunfermline, October 2000Textile Services Association annual conference, Cardiff, November 2000Northern Ireland Civil Servants conference on bullying and harassment, March 2001Institute of Management branch meeting, Maidenhead, May 2001Pavilion conference, Making Sense of Bullying at Work, December 2001SOS Stress or Success, an NHS Plus one-day conference looking at the contributory factors and ways of tackling stress, April 2002Queensland Association of State School Principals (QASSP) conference in Emerald, Queensland, Australia, August 2002Irish National Teachers Organisation (INTO) Bullying at work seminar, Belfast, October 2002Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw, Employment Seminar Preventative Medicine, March 2003CPNA annual conference, Bournemouth, April 2003Basingstoke CIPD, April 2003OXBOW support group, Oxford, April 2003Meeting hosted by Davinder Sandhu at GLA City Hall, April 2003Meeting of PsyPhaa, Douai Abbey, Reading, England, May 2003Bullying in the Workplace: Making Inroads, DAWN First Annual Lecture , Birmingham, May 2003I Power I anti-bullying conference, London, May 2003Bicester Business Breakfast Club, August 2003The Clare Group transgender support and social group meeting, Hove, East Sussex, September 2003Oxon HR Breakfast Club, December 2003The Inaugural UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders, Church House Conference Centre, Westminster, London, April 2004Institute of Business Ethics, London, June 2004National Association of Theatre Nurses (NATN) annual conference, Harrogate, October 2004
Public seminars
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, September 1999Emerald and Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 30 August-2 September 2002Oxford, June 2003Leeds, September 2003
Engagements planned in 2005/2006
Tim Field is focusing his energies on writing and publishing his next book on serial bullies and psychopaths.

Radio, TV, media:
Media interviews include:
BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Oxford (regularly), Liberty, BBC Southern Counties Radio, BBC Three Counties. BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio Northants, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio GMR, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC London Live, BBC World Service, Talk Radio, LBC, Heart 106.2 FM, Fox FM, Fusion FM, Wave FM, LM FM, Reading 107 FM, Passion 107.9, RTE (Dublin), Highland Radio (County Donegal), ABC Radio (Sydney), 702 (Johannesburg)TV: BBC, ITV (Granada, Yorkshire, Carlton, Meridian, Central), Channel 5, Sky News, Sky TV Global Village, European Business News (EBN), World TelevisionNewspapers: Tim has contributed to articles in most broadsheets and tabloids, and the Times Educational Supplement (TES)Magazines: Tim has contributed to articles in Newsweek (14 August 2000), Prima, Woman's Realm, Woman's Own, My Weekly, Family Circle, Zest, 19, XL, Eva, Bella, TES, and othersProfessional magazines and journals: SHRM's HR News (June 1999)
Radio programmes include:
After hours (BBC Radio 5 Live, three times)The Magazine, BBC Radio 5 LiveThe Gerry Ryan Show (RTE, Republic of Ireland)The Rafe Mair Show (CKNW 980AM, Vancouver, BC, Canada)Workplace Violence Today with Barry Nixon (KFNX-AM1100, Phoenix, Arizona)You and Yours, BBC Radio 4Outlook, BBC World ServiceLife Matters, ABC Radio National, Australia, July 2004Background Briefing: Psychos in Suits, ABC Radio National, Australia, July 2004...and others
Television programmes include:
Southern Eye, BBC TV South, February 1995Dear Nick, Meridian, March 1996Lifeline, Central Television, May 1996Kilroy, BBC1, November 1996Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, BBC 2, December 1996This Morning, Granada, January, Meridian, May 1997Jobfinder, Yorkshire Television, 1997Espresso, Channel 5, October 1997Scottish Women, Scottish Television, April 1998GMTV, Granada, 5 October 1998Channel 5 News, January 1999BBC1's Heart of the Matter with Joan Bakewell, February 1999Channel 5's Open House with Gloria Hunniford, August 1999Central Television Bullying Week 5-12 September 1999Simply Money with Angela Rippon on Sky Digital, 14 February 2000Carlton Television's Late Night Live with Andrew Neil and Nicky Campbell, 26 June 2000Jobfinder, Central Television, October 2000Jobline with Rosie Laydon, TV Jobshop on Sky digital 662, November 2001City Survival Guide, Carlton TelevisionRichard and Judy, Cactus Television for Channel 4, April 2002Consultant to Monstrous Bosses ... and how to be one, BBC1, September 2002Granada's Tonight with Trevor McDonald, November 2002Newsnight with Richard Watson, BBC 2, November 2003Britain's Secret Shame, BBC1, April 2004

Articles, etc.
Tim Field has written articles on bullying for:

Nursing Standard Perspectives, 23 July 1997Tolley's Health and Safety at Work, November/December 1997Welfare World, four-part series, issues 3-6, 1997-8Dance UK, June 1999Sydney's Child, June 1999Gifted, magazine of the New South Wales Association for Gifted & Talented Children Inc, January 2000Accounting & Business, Winter 2001/2Staffroom Bullying, The TES, June 2002Bullying in the education system, The TES, March 2005
Published letters:
People Management, 10 January 2002, Don’t ignore serial bulliesBMJ (British Medical Journal), 12 December 2001, Bullying in medicineBMJ (British Medical Journal), 28 April 2002, Workplace bullying in junior doctors: questionnaire survey
Tim Field wrote Bully in sight: how to predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying, then typeset and published it himself under the imprint Success Unlimited in December 1996. Bully in sight has sold over 11,000 copies in over 30 countries. He handles all marketing and distribution himself with approximately half going to bookshops and wholesalers, and the remainder through direct mail or at conferences and training seminars. In January 1998 Tim typeset and published David Kinchin's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury; and published revised editions in September 2001 and October 2004. In January 2001 Tim published a co-authored book (with international journalist Neil Marr) Bullycide: death at playtime, an exposé of child suicide caused by bullying.

The future:
Tim Field plans further books on bullying. A film script is also in planning.

Testimonials and feedback about Bully OnLine and Tim Field's book Bully in sight.
Tim Field DBA (Hon) BSc (Hons)November 2005

(This profile taken in it's entirety from:

(Tim's Bullying experiences can also be found on the site.)

Funeral Information for those in the area

Funeral Arrangements for Tim Field:

The funeral will take place at Burnley crematorium on Monday, January 23, 2006 at 3.30pm. Tim wanted an open invitation to anyone who would like to come and pay their last respects. We would be grateful if you would let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend so that seating and catering arrangements can be finalized. We need to know final numbers by noon on Thursday 19th (UK Time). Directions and information on local hotels are available to anyone who needs them - just let us know.

Family flowers only please, but donations to Rossendale Hospice would be most welcome. If we can raise £1,000 Tim will be given a `leaf' on their `Giving Tree'. Anything above £1,000 will be put towards the planting of an Oak tree as requested by Tim as part of the `Life for a Life' scheme.

Donations from the UK should be sent care of the funeral directors at the following address:
Fred Hamer Funeral Service
James Street

Donations from overseas can be made through Paypal to the address:, but please include a note that it is a donation.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tim Field has passed away...

It is with great regret that we announce the passing away of Tim Field, founder of "Bully On Line."

Tim's son Michael sent a message via the "Bully On Line" yahoo group this morning saying that his father
''...passed away this morning at about 11.20.
He died in the hospice room after spending much time with his family.
Funeral plans will be announced this week.
May he rest in peace.

We at "No Bully For Me" owe so much to the work of Tim Field, both personally (Karen and Stephen both first discovered they were not alone by discovering Tim's UK based site) and professionally in terms of encouraging the creation of "No Bully For Me."

Tim affected many lives profoundly. He was a very kind man, and the correspondences we had with him truly changed the course of our lives.

His clear use of good plain English to put forward his ideas, experiences and thoughts is a wonderful model for any support site. As the pioneer of online workplace bullying support Tim's work will always be remembered as an inspiration.

In other settings this would be too soon, but we feel that the best testament to Tim's life and work is to ensure the continuation of his site, and we will be sending an open letter to some of the other leading workplace bullying groups asking for ideas as to how we ensure Tim's work does indeed continue to be available.

This blogpage is dedicated to all who's lives were touched and helped by Tim's work and kindness. Please feel free to comment on how he has helped you or how you knew him.


Karen Learmonth and Stephen Hill.
No Bully For Me
'adding insight to injury'